Careers at SOCAR Türkiye

The most powerful resource in the world is your energy. Join SOCAR Türkiye and let your energy grow with us.

Internship at SOCAR Türkiye

Our internship programs go through a two-way learning process. We pave the way for our interns to learn about the dynamics of corporate life, and we are excitedly interested in what they will add to our work and culture.

Employee Development at SOCAR Türkiye

We consider the personal and professional development of our employees as a whole. We design training and development programs that will increase the professional skills of our colleagues and make a difference in their individual and professional development.

We Keep Our Energy High!

Universal values

We are deeply committed to universal values. We approach our employees in line with our equality, inclusion, and diversity principles and strive to provide them with the most participatory work environment possible, where they can openly present their ideas.

Innovation at Work

Our “Innovation at Work” project allows our colleagues to work in the office, remotely, and in a hybrid model. While they can work from anywhere they want, they can manage their time most efficiently by only coming to the office when needed.

Diversity is Our Energy

We are aware that our differences are our most incredible wealth. With our Energy Diversity project, we grant our colleagues a wide range of rights they can use in line with their unique needs.

SOCAR Türkiye Volunteers

We created the SOCAR Türkiye Volunteers Platform with the voluntary participation of nearly 500 of our employees. Our volunteers, consisting of 6 teams dedicated to education, environmental health, sports, animal protection, and social issues, are striving to make a difference in the community.

Engineer Girls of Türkiye

We support the Engineer Girls of Türkiye Project! We provide scholarships and mentorship to 10 female students studying in the Chemical Engineering departments.

Leadership in Digitalization

STAR Refinery and Petkim were selected for the "Global Lighthouse Network", where the World Economic Forum (WEF) determines the facilities that best use industry 4.0 technologies in production. Petkim was the only company selected for the network from Türkiye in 2020, and STAR Refinery, chosen in 2021, became the world's first refinery in this network.

UN Women's Empowerment Principles

We know that progress in social development and business life is only possible with women's empowerment. In our relations with our employees, we take the United Nations Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs), of which we are a signatory, as a guide.

Live Well Feel Good

We care about our colleagues feeling physically and mentally well. With the concept of “Live Well Feel Good”, we organize pilates, aerobics, and yoga activities with our fitness instructors and learn tips on healthy eating from our dieticians.

Social Activity Groups

Our Social Activity Groups organize many activities, from games to movies, music to chess. Every Tuesday, we take a short break from work and come together with inspiring guests. We discover our talents with online workshops on different themes every month.