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Investor Relations

SOCAR Turkey Investor Relations

SOCAR Turkey Investor Relations Department was established in 2012. The purpose of IR Department  in SOCAR Turkey  has been  to ensure Petkim's publicly traded stock is being fairly traded through the dissemination of key information that allows investors to determine whether the  company is a good investment for their needs.

For  this purpose, IR Department  of SOCAR Turkey Energy, with a close coordination with  the Petkim's own IR Department  works  to communicate with domestic and international  investors, and the overall financial community. 

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One of the most important  responsibilities of the IR Department  is to be in a very close relationship  with investment analysts who provide public opinion on the company as an investment opportunity. These opinions influence the overall investment community, and it is the IR department's job to manage these analysts' expectations.

Petkim, as result of these activitise has been covered through the equity reports by many top level domestic and international analysts.