Established in 2003, Kayserigaz has been under the aegis of SOCAR Türkiye since 2019 and is one of the most important players in the Turkish energy sector. The company significantly ensures uninterrupted energy supply in Kayseri with its reliable and innovative natural gas distribution, transmission and marketing services.

Quality, Efficiency, Safety

Having one of the most modern natural gas distribution networks in Türkiye, Kayserigaz provides services to more than 667.000 subscribers in 10 districts within its license area. Focusing on quality, efficiency, and safety at every stage of the distribution process, the company increased the network length to 6.675 kilometers. With the integrated SCADA system, the existing line can be controlled from a single point, and possible emergencies can be intervened immediately without wasting time and workforce.

People First Approach

Kayserigaz employs 160 people, who are the architects of its outstanding success in service. The company prioritizes its employees' health, safety, and professional development and invests in benefit-oriented, environmentally friendly social responsibility projects with the awareness of its responsibilities towards society.

Chasing Firsts

With the awareness of its economic and social responsibilities, Kayserigaz has adopted the mission of adding value to all its stakeholders. It is the first company to integrate the Barcode System with the SAP (Systems Analysis and Program Development) System in Türkiye and the first private natural gas distribution company to be integrated into the e-Government portal. Having obtained ISO 10002, ISO 31000, and ISO 45001 certificates before its competitors in the natural gas distribution sector, Kayserigaz is also a pioneer in its R&D projects. Kayserigaz is the first natural gas distribution company whose R&D project has been accepted and awarded by EMRA.

Increasing its natural gas supply to over 770 million standard cubic meters in 2023, Kayserigaz continues to deliver customer-focused services.