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Business Lines

Taking strength from its resources and teams, the driving forces of a sustainable development, SOCAR Turkey works to generate value for its customers, benefit for its country, a better world to people, and to build the future of the two sister countries.

With its Refinery- Petrochemicals- Energy- Logistics- Distribution integrated project at a total investment of USD 18 billion, based in Aliağa Peninsula, SOCAR Turkey has the ability to create added value in substantial scales for the world of energy and industry.

Petrochemicals – Petkim
With its wide product range, touches every aspect of life, from garments to technology

Oil Refinery – STAR Refinery
With the energy of local production, the driving force of commercial, economic and social development

Port Operation – Petlim
Resources needed for development at the right place, at the right time

Resources valuable for everyone, offered to every area in life

Renewable, environment friendly, value-oriented energy

Fiber – SOCAR Fiber
Solutions in fiber, the driving force of information and communication age

Distribution – SOCAR Distribution
The last link of SOCAR value chain